Fortnite removed from apple iOS store

Fortnite removed from apple iOS store

Wow, this is a big thing, Fortnite just got removed from Apple iOS Store.

Apple has blocked Fortnite from the App Store, removing everyone’s ability to install and update the game on iOS devices, while instructing Epic to “remove the ‘Epic direct payment’ feature”. Apple is keeping prices high so they can collect 30% of your payments, and is blocking Fortnite in order to prevent Epic from passing on the savings from direct payments to you!

And because Apple has BLOCKED the ability to update, when Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 4 releases you will NOT be able to play the new Season on iOS. Make your voice heard with #FreeFortnite

Earlier, Epic games tweeted the following :
Epic Games has offered insight on the App Store Monopoly and has revealed that by removing the  Fortnite game it has blocked Fortnite from a billion devices. They also released a video based on Apple's iconic 1984 advertisement to fight the status quo, Epic games has urged all fans to join the livestream to fight to stop 2020 from becoming "1984"
Visit and join the fight.


Fortnite remains available on Google Play, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, GeForce Now, and the Epic Games app on Android. Your account, progression, and purchases also remain available on these platforms.

Join the fight against @AppStore on social media with #FreeFortnite

See Apple's Original 1984 Advertisement


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