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Compare Broker is the best comparison website to find best forex brokers, best stock brokers, best commodities brokers to trade gold and oil, and finally find the best crypto exchanges and best crypto brokers.  The forex broker comparison, stock broker comparison, crypto exchange comparison website is created by actually looking at the google data and understanding what the forex traders, gold traders, oil traders, crypto traders and stock traders are a looking for. 

We at the Compare Broker, best comparison brokerage website, analysed the data deeply to understand what traders are actually looking for and what are their needs. Compare Broker team then used the finding of the user data search engines to form a comparison website which matches the very need of traders. 

What Is So Special About Compare Broker? is a client centric brokerage comparison and crypto comparison website. For us, what mattered the most is to understand the need of client. During our research we understood that it is not only about producing the best forex comparison site or best stock comparison site or best crypto comparison site. In fact it is about giving clients what they need and in the fastest and the most user friendly interface. 

The Compare Broker team, best online brokerage website, found that traders are so different in their needs such as some of the traders are looking for UK stockbrokers list, some look for cfd brokers, some look for futures brokers, some fx traders are interested in currency betting, some look for FCA regulated brokers, some traders look for gold brokers, some stock traders are trying to find best stock broker. Their needs for account types were also different such as looking for Islamic forex accounts or just Islamic account, micro accounts, broker who accept PayPal, zero spread forex, or event micro account limits. 

Our unique algorithm and funnel system looks at what the traders are looking and matches them with the best brokerage. For example, some forex traders may be looking for minimum deposit or they may be more sensitive towards the fees such as inactivity fees or simple want to an account through which they can practice before they can put their hard earned money to work. 

It is important to keep in mind that finding a right broker is absolutely essential because you want a broker that works for you not against you. Overnight fees, execution cost, leverage, liquidity, functionality of the platforms and more importantly good customer service is absolutely essential these days. Retail traders need to make sure that their choice of broker has a deep liquidity which can be seen from the depth of the market, they must offer high speed execution. 

An area which has become extremely popular over the years is copy trading and our data analysis has indicated that traders have started to use this feature. Some of the key terms that we have seen searched over the internet mirror trading and social trading. This particular area complemented already existing easy trading methods such as forex signals which then expanded into stocks signals, gold signals, oil signals and now also Bitcoin signals.  

Compare Broker website asks retail traders what is important for them when they look for a brokerage, it gives them all the options such as social trading, demo accounts, liquidity, regulations, spread, fees, choice of instruments and choice of platforms. In addition to this, Compare Broker’s unique location function automatically detects the location of the client and starts to show them the brokers/exchanges which are ready to serve them based on their location.  

Compare Broker’s website, the best brokerage and crypto exchange website, has the most easy user interface. Everything comes in the form of wizards and easy to understand. It also makes things further simpler for them based on their experience. For instance, a trader who is inexperienced isn’t going to be shown the more complex option in order to make the process easy to understand for a forex traders or stock trader or oil trader or crypto trader. 

Our google keyword research data research also indicated that that retail traders are more interest to read the reviews of brokers and exchanges before they put their deposit with them. On we have all the reviews especially for the major brokers/ exchanges around the globe.   

Who Is The Team Behind it?

The brokerage comparison website is developed by forex traders who not only love to trade FX but actively take advantage of opportunities in stock market, cryptos and of course, commodities such as gold and oil. The team has worked for several top brokers in the industry, and between them, they have over 30 years of trading experience.  

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